She said: please understand that if I see you again, don’t even say hello.

It’s mothers’ day tomorrow (:

Went to the carnival dry run today. Honestly I thought that it was a waste of time but oh well.

I keep blogging recently its getting so annoying. Haha its like I want to blog but its wasting so much of my time -_-


After the dry run I went to plaza sing, shopped at daiso for the materials I need for the card I’m making for my mum, by the end of it I had like 10 items +++ in my hands. I’m a sucker for pretty decorative stuff, I just grabbed whatever I thought was nice and ended up busting my budget. (Note to self: Never bring more than $10 into daiso.) I’m such an impulsive shopper haha, but who can resist right. I wanted to grab everything because I’ve been dying to revamp my room but never had the materials or the time and the stuff in daiso are like marshmallows and unicorns – awesome.

Then went around bugis with jiawei to find some souvenir for her jap buddy when she leaves for the immersion trip. Lucky bitch. So we went around and I wanted to find a ribbon rubberband to cover up my pink hairtie since Ms Chia forbids coloured hairties but allows ribbons.

I know. Ridiculous.

But failed to find it anyway I think I’m going to end up making my own HAHA. Then bought a superman ezlink card sticker out of pure impulse. #noregrets Drank koi and sotong-ly forgot to tell them to exclude their unchewable pearls -_- I hate koi’s pearls. I can chew them for five minutes and they still wouldn’t break. The fact that they spam an exorbitant amount of pearls does not help either.

Oh and there was this shop that sold the prettiest necklaces for like 3 for $10 but didn’t buy because I’ve spent too much money already >: Damn I’m going to make my own when we reopen the blogshop. It’s fun to hang out with the gay owl again its been long HAHA. So happy today, I have quite a lot of materials left from making the mothers’ day card, going to deco my room with it (: I’m so grateful that nothing bad has been happening lately.



Why can’t I be like other kids? Why can’t I believe that I am indestructible? Why can’t I believe that I’ll live forever?

Just an update about the past two days (: Argh it’s the whatever-i-do-will-screw-up kinda days so I think I sounded pissed on some occasions /: But i guess the past two days was nice to me and decided to not screw up. 😀 But I still feel a little sad from my results don’t even talk about it tyvm _|_

Yeah so it was open house yesterday. Kinda fun with the BT girls again (: Making the souvenirs for the open house was fun and they were so prettttyyy. Stuck those I stole home from open house on the wall above my study table so I can always stare at it. (: And we got to play badminton 😀 Damn fun omg. Although my racket suffered badly -_- People should learn to take care of other’s rackets really ._. (just saying HAHA) And some epic stuff happened when playing too >_> LOL quite funny how basketball guys play badminton like *spazzzz* Epic epic. Then we had free drinks and harsh browns from macs from mr kwok (Y) Heh and I met super cute 6 yr olds during the open house too *pedo* I think they are so cute omg hahahaha and so fun to tease. There was this guy who looked so satisfied to hold a senior’s model airplane ahhh♥ So cute and there was this other guy who was playing basketball with an oversized shirt which made him look damn cute LOL. I’m such a pedo ._____.

Then there was CIP today. Okay lah quite fun (: I SWEAR WE WERE ASKING FOR DONATIONS LIKE WE WERE GETTING THE MONEY OURSELVES KAY. Wahlao damn tiring. And ebelle lah that peacock collect until whole can full -.- And we went door to door for donations too okay. So hardworking of us 😀 And I bought a teddy bear for myself LOL I went to donate into my own tin can to get a teddy (Y) Yeah that’s all. Back to sian mode again. ._.

Sometimes I feel like im blogging for no one to read -_-


I just like out of the blue remembered that I forgot to update about RS day. Well it sucked because our teacher was awesomely absent that day and charmaine and I TRIED to ask the guys to do something about the report but obvious fail -_- Seriously guys are just guys. Dumb slackers but actually they can’t do anything much anyway since they will just screw it up so we went to chase them away <: So off they went to the student lounge to play freaking wii while we slog our guts out. Oh and did I mention we didn’t have a template for the report since our teacher was absent and we left the RS file in school? Yeah.

And most of the time we were playing angry bird on my laptop -.- How productive ._.

PS: And oh yeah I realised how stingy Singaporeans are. Like most of the people whom I approached for donations daoed me like _|_  really? They could have had the basic courtesy to say no thanks right. And you could tell who were the kind and the stingy people 😀 Like major discovery hahaha. Some people say there are no words stuck on people’s forehead to tell you who are the kind and who are the evil people but I say you can tell straight away from their faces (Y) And some sucker went to complain the the bloody security guards that our donation boxes were in the way because we put boxes storing our teddy bears we were supposed to sell beside benches and some idiot had to complain. Like what?! Annoying I bet its some menopause-ing auntie who had nothing to do which her life okay. Our boxes didn’t even block the way _|_ kns. And even people like uncles who sell tissue paper for a living would make a donation, then you look at those people who are perfectly alive and kicking and even those who can hold a newly bought laptop would not even take a look at you. Society is disgusting. I was like super annoyed when we went door to door and there was this house we went to with old uncles playing mahjiong who refused to donate. Yeah you would rather waste your money away for your own pleasure than to give it to people who need it more. Yeah they are gamblers and I think they need money for themselves too. But for the wrong reasons.

Kay bye (:

Protected: All I did was to say hello, but her pepper spray made it rather hard for me to walk her home. x)

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How did you get so deep? /:

HARLO. Today was electives and guess what I got.

GEOG. Yes geog. Well which coincidentally happens to be my favourite subject. 😀  Nope it just had to be my worst and most hated subject. Yeah well but it was kinda fun, with the plays and presentation and all and I didn’t realise how much time went by kay. AND THERES AIRCON. Like luxury compared to the level camp I died in last week. Don’t even talk about it ._.

So we hopped eh wait not we bused to bugis street to buy some stuff heh quite fun hahaha. Yeah so Clara Fiona Charmaine and I were like window shopping because we were like literally broke =_=”’ Kay pics:

Sorry lorh I just had to act cute LOL. Nerd specs are like added into my wishlist >:

Guess who 😀 (Look like Michael Jackson anot HAHAHA)

kthxbai 😀 I’m super tired >:

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You have five minutes to wallow in the delicious misery. Enjoy it, embrace it, discard.. and proceed.

HEY 😀 Today was a fun day. Bought camp stuff and spent alot D: *guilty*

Argh I’m so sianed out and Mid Years are over and now I’m stuck in the holiday mood with no intention of touching that disgusting piece of assignment. -_- Okay pictures (: Camwhored alot and I think I am super unglam LOL. Kay ahhhh rest on fb kay I’ll just post some here. Maybe I’ll edit when fiona posts the remaining 50 pictures when she comes online heh.

No one saw that LOL. What was I doing .___.


*edit* YES FIONA FINALLY UPLOADED. And the unglams all come out liao LOL.

See what I mean when I say “unglam” D:

Nice right I tied it myself 😀 I wish LOL. No lah my mum tied it for me ♥ Kay lah call my childish or wtv hahahaha I like it ;D Kay done! byeeee. ♥

I am the designer of my own catastrophe.

Today was fun♥ Like fun fun and i got so high from doodling on the board and drawing the open house poster 😀

Athena: Eh KaiTong your name looks like Rolong when you write in that fancy font

KaiTong: Really meh! No lorh

KaiTing: Hahahahaha ROLONG.

Me: If KaiTong is Rolong, then kaiting is Rolling. *realises joke*

*Everyone bursts our laughing* LOL damn funny.

Ahhh I love it when we all get so high and omg I realised that Felly’s laugh is so freaky like a witch >) HAHA and Athena spammed photo bombed us and I got like unglams all over but I was too high to bother. Kay I shall upload all the stupid stuff here:

And omg i swear i love this HAHAHAHA:

LIKE? :D(it’s supposed to move but if your com is like mine cannot see the pic change then nvm trololololol 😀 )

HAHAHA it’s too cute ♥ Kay byeeee I have PTM tmr with Charmaine and Fiona and JiaWei and Claraaaa (: ciao.

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This was the machinery of life, not a clean, clinical well-oiled engine, monitored by a thousand meticulous dials, but a crazy, stumbling contraption made up of strange things roughly fitted together.


Hahahaha to whoever reads my utterly fail blog I hope you are actually celebrating Mothers’ Day with your Mums (since I don’t see anyone online on my msn contact list right now) Unlike me who stoned here like a failed daughter. At least the gift I made cleared me off some guilt that I didn’t give my mum any dinner or wtv /:

Okay lah I know it’s not exactly awesome or anything HAHA. At least i tried 😀 Oh yeah it’s a scented plastic container with a foam rose i folded in it with tiny notes in them hhaahahaa. I attempted to stick paperclip hearts on the surface of the container *points to photo* and it dripped onto my study table and my notepad got stuck on it -___-

Kay back to topic (:

I know I’m like the worst daughter ever and splurge on all your money hahahah and I can’t really study and slack and digress alot /: And I think I’m horrible and doing house chores and I end up watching you clean the toilet bowl instead of doing it myself heh. Oh and my cooking capability goes nowhere past frying an egg.(and lsp lessons of baking muffins and shepards pie in school) 😀

Thanks alot for attempting to cook something nice everyday although i know you utterly hate cooking <: And helping me with my fail chinese and nagging at me to read more chinese books although I admit it gets sooo annoying and I end up reading my english novels instead (: And thanks for being so friendly to all my friends that come over to my house 😀 Hahaha and you actually helped me buy snacks the day before my friends came over. You are so awesome and I hope I’m not a too troublesome daughter to handle. Oh yeah and you have 101% tolerance level for my tantrums and mood swings and I ♥ you! 😀

Happy Mothers’ Day mum ♥ (and to all mums 😀 )